How-To Install a Base Cabinet

Install your DIY kitchen like a professional today!

Base cabinet installation is the foundation of your kitchen. Ensuring your base cabinets are aligned and level is key. How a base cabinet is installed depends on your wall type. See our guides for more information.

How-To Install a Base Cabinet


To start, remove the doors or drawers from the cabinet


Lay the cabinet on its back to fix the adjustable feet

The cabinet will come with the base plate of the adjustable feet installed

Attach the adjustable part by slotting it into the base


Wind the feet to adjust them to the height of your kicker


Place the cabinet in position


Adjust the height of the feet until the cabinets are perfectly aligned


Use a spirit level to check the level

Check the cabinet is level at the back, front, left and right

Drill pilot holes through the inside of the first cabinet


Using 28mm screws, screw from the inside of the cabinet through to the other cabinet, at both the back and front, to secure in place

If it is a door unit, position the front screws to the front of the hinge plate, so that they will be hidden when the door is on

Once cabinets have been secured to each other, secure them to the wall

How the cabinet is attached to the wall depends on the wall type. See our Cabinet to Wall Fixing Guide for more information.
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Tools Required

  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • 28mm Screws
  • Drill

Key Tips

  • When installing multiple cabinets in a row, we recommend screwing each cabinet together to ensure the kitchen is secure and stable. This helps prevent any movement that may result from the natural shifting that occurs slowly in any home.
  • By taking the time to get your cabinets in perfect alignment and secure you will find installation will run smoothly.