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Plan your next U-Install-It project online – DIY couldn’t be easier!

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U-Install-It 3D Planner Templates

Our most popular U-Install-It design layouts are available for you to use when planning your next DIY project in 3D. 

Simply click on a design layout below, and adjust the room dimensions, add/delete products, and select colours in our 3D planner to suit your project. 

DIY couldn’t be easier!

Galley Kitchen

Provides two separate work areas and increased  bench space. Also provides ample  storage space and maximises the use of your room.

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U-Shape Kitchen

This layout has plenty of storage and is quite common with a large room. This style allows quick access to all areas.

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L Shape Kitchen

The most common kitchen design, this style super functional and easy to use.

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L Shape Kitchen

Our most simple kitchen design that is easy to plan and install.

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A simple laundry along a straight run provides great storage and space for household washing . Stay organised with space for storing large items such as ironing boards, mops and other cleaning products.

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Step By Step Guide

Floorplan – Choose a template, or create a custom room.

Use our room templates, or create a floor plan with your own dimensions.

Add windows and doors

Insert windows and doors to match your room, from a range of graphics available.

Add Products

Select your cabinetry products, dragging and dropping into your space.
Choose from a huge variety to customise your design.

Receive a Copy of Your Plan

Finalise your plan to save and receive it as a PDF file via email.
You can also reload and edit your plan at any time.

Quote & Order – Book An Appointment in Showroom or Online

Visit a showroom or submit your plan online via our website, and our team will be
happy to assist in the detail of quoting and ordering your project.

Handy Hints

Consider Work Areas

Ensuring your kitchen is a comfortable and efficient place to work in should be a high priority when designing your space. There are three main work areas you need to consider – storage, preparation/ cooking and washing up.


Places where you store food, such as your pantry and fridge, need to be easily accessible. Bench space near fridges and freezers is handy for unpacking and repacking food. 


Aim to prevent crossing the kitchen with hot pots and pans. Ideally keep all your hot areas together, i.e. your oven, cooktop and microwave. It is also advantageous to have bench space and your sink not too far away for food preparation whilst cooking.

Washing Up

Ideally your sink should be close by for easy food preparation and near your cooktop to make draining pasta and veggies easier. As a rule, try to keep your sink central to your design.

Measure Your Space

Accurately measuring your room is the most important part of planning. We suggest you measure twice before you start your design. Measure your space for the first time, then measure again to check your sizes.

Custom Size Cabinets

Our 3D Planner uses the U-Install-It standard cabinetry catalogue sizes. Custom sized cabinets are however available at the time of order, if required. Complete your plan using the cabinets most similar in size to your final measurement requirements, and our team will assist you with the custom options available, to ensure the perfect fit.

Select Your Sink, Tap + Appliances

Consider the size, style and function of the appliances you want to include in your design. U-Install-It partners with Oliveri for sink and taps, and Fisher & Paykel for appliances, and are able to include these with your cabinetry purchase. Visit their websites to view their ranges. XXX and XXX

Include End Panels and Filler Panels

These items are available in our 3D planner. Ensure you include these in your design to have a dimensions and product list.

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