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How-To Sketch

Plan your DIY kitchen like a professional today!

Consultant going through the design phase of a DIY project

Time to start your design!

The team at U-Install-It do not need a detailed plan or plan to scale to be able to get your project started. A rough sketch of the layout and function you’re planning is all they need!

You can reference our standard cabinetry sizes online, and don’t forget that these sizes can be customised at the time of quote and order, to make sure they fit your specific space. See our Cabinetry Catalogue for details.

How-To Sketch Your Space


Begin sketching your design

Use the floor plan created from your measurements as the foundation of your design.
Consider what layout will work best for your space, including the electrical and plumbing you currently have in place, and whether you are planning to move it or leave as is.
Start sketching your cabinetry layout on your floor plan. Note where on the layout are base cabinets, upper cabinets, and pantry cabinets.

Your project will also likely need fillers and end panels (see examples below in red). Don’t worry about adding these to your plan just yet, our team will assist in adding these to your design. A rough plan is all we need to get started!


Add appliances to your design

Consider what appliances you may need in your design, and the size of these appliances. Note the location of any appliances on your plan.

U-Install-It have a great range of Oliveri sinks and taps, and Fisher & Paykel and Haier appliances. Learn more about the products available – Oliveri, Fisher & Paykel, Haier

If you already know your appliances;

  • New appliances – note the model numbers
  • Reusing existing appliances – measure their height, width, and depth, and note their model number if visible


Take photos of your existing space

Having photos of your existing space helps our team to better understand your requirements.
It’s also great for a before and after comparison once you’ve finished your project!

Check your measurements

It’s important to check your measurements again, to make sure the detailed and customised plan that you’re working to is correct.

Book an appointment

You can upload a copy of your plan and photos of your existing space, as well as any other relevant information or inspiration.

At your appointment we will:

  • Review your plan
  • Customise cabinetry sizes
  • Discuss colours & products
  • Quote your project
  • Complete your order

Tools Required

  • Measurements of your space. If  you haven’t measured yet, follow our easy How-To Measure Guide
  • Pencil
  • Paper

Download our graph to easily record your measurements

Key Tips

  • Focus on the layout and function of your space.
  • Our team will help to make sure the products chosen will fit within the measurements you provide.
  • The plan doesn’t need to be to scale, just a rough sketch.
  • Keep customisation in mind – our team can adjust the cabinet size to suit your space.

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