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U-Install-It Kitchens offer locally manufactured, quality kitchen cabinetry, custom made to fit your space!

Cabinets even come pre-assembled at no extra cost, so you can get cracking on your kitchen cabinetry installation the moment our truck rolls out of the driveway. 

The U-Install-It Kitchens cabinetry range includes a wide selection of popular drawer, base, mid, pantry, and upper cabinets – everything you’ll need for your project, whether it be a kitchen, laundry, linen, vanity, or another! Each cabinet has been specially designed and chosen to ensure you can design a modern space you’ll love!

Cabinets can be tailored and sized to suit your needs and we offer the advantage of supplying the cabinets pre-assembled. All cabinets are manufactured by us locally using quality materials and are machined using the latest technology to ensure all products are accurate every time.

Cabinets are available in a wide range of on trend colours and finishes, so you can find the perfect finish to suit your design.

Image showing that U-Install-It Kitchens have customisable cabinetry for your DIY kitchen renovation


Image showing that U-Install-It Kitchens have pre-assembled cabinetry for your DIY kitchen renovation


Select a specific cabinet type below, or scroll down to view our range

Base Cabinets

Our standard base cabinet range is available in single or double door options up to 1200mm wide. Base cabinets are economical and provide ample storage in any layout. Height, width, and depth can be custom sized to suit your measurements.

  • Great for lesser used items
  • Deep shelving to store large items
  • For use as kitchen cabinets, laundries, vanities, and more!

Drawer Cabinets

For the ultimate in practicality and efficiency, drawer cabinets are the best option. Drawer cabinets allow you to easily access items stored at the back of the cabinet.

  • Efficient storage
  • Can handle heavy items, ideal for kitchen cabinetry
  • Available in 2, 3, 4 & 5 drawer-banks
  • Soft-close is standard

Drawer Systems

Our drawer systems come in two variations – 5 Split and 4 Split. As the name suggests, these variations split the drawers in equal increments of 5 or 4, meaning you have the option to use different drawer cabinets that still align drawer heights horizontally – giving you a clean and professional look.

5 Split

Image of U-Install-It Kitchens Cabinetry showing drawer 5 split options

4 Split

Image of U-Install-It Kitchens Cabinetry showing drawer 4 split options

Upper Cabinets

Our standard upper cabinet range is available in single or double door items. Various heights are included, to make your space as functional as possible.

Pantry & Linen Cabinets

We offer multiple styles of kitchen cabinets designed for food storage. Pantries are available in a variety of heights with walk-in or standard configuration, our pantry units also have adjustable shelves – perfect for those tall boxes of cereal that just never fit!

You don’t have to limit yourself to the kitchen! Why not add cabinets throughout your home to give you the extra storage you’ll always craved.

  • Walk-in or non-walk-in
  • Tall units provide loads of storage
  • Adjustable shelves

Appliance Cabinets

For microwaves, rangehoods, ovens and fridges we have specially tailored and customisable kitchen cabinets just for you. Be sure to check out the range of appliances available at U-Install-It, and make sure you note your appliances make and model when you’re getting started.

  • Designed especially to suit appliances
  • Customisable widths
  • A must when designing kitchen cabinetry

Mid Cabinets

The perfect kitchen cabinets for storing often-used appliances such as coffee machines, toastie makers, slow-cookers and blenders. Our benchtop mid cabinets are available in 2 standard heights and of course, width is customisable.

  • Great for storing appliances
  • Extra space near corners
  • Easy to access

Panels, Infills & Kickers

Panels are used to cap the ends of cabinet runs, and used next to appliances such as ovens, rangehoods, and dishwashers to protect cabinet doors from heat and moisture damage.

Infills are used to fill in the space between a cabinet and the wall.

Kickers are used to fill in the space at the bottom of base cabinets.

Panels, infills, and kickers are available in various sizes.

Image of U-Install-It Kitchens Cabinetry showing the different cabinetry elements in a kitchen, including base and drawer cabinets, microwave and oven cabinets, panels, upper cabinets.

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