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Cabinetry & Laminate Benchtops

Melamine and laminate are hard wearing, and are easy to care for and maintain with this guide.

For light cleaning, use a soft damp cloth with an all-purpose liquid cleaner. For stains, use warm soapy water or a common detergent without abrasive or strong acidic/alkaline ingredients. Use a soft brush for textured surfaces. Avoid using wax, polishes, or cream cleaners as they can cause damage and separation of joins.

To prevent scratches and cuts on melamine and laminate surfaces, use a cutting board or chopping board. Use a protective mat for heavy pots or objects to prevent scuffing. Fine scratches can be removed with car polish, but test it on a small area first.

To prevent damage from steam, always use a rangehood when using a cooktop. Move kettles, toasters, and other small appliances out from under upper cabinets when in use.

Clean up spills promptly as melamine and laminate surfaces are generally resistant to moisture. However, they are not completely stain-proof.

Use protective mats or boards when using hot objects like irons, kettles, and pans to avoid scorching. If a scorch mark appears, try removing it with toothpaste and a soft brush or cloth.

Be cautious with benchtop joints as they may swell with exposure to water or heat. Clean up water spills near joints immediately and avoid placing hot appliances over or near the joints. If any damage or swelling occurs, reseal the affected area promptly.

When washing floors, avoid excessive water around cabinets and wipe off moisture immediately to prevent kickboards from swelling or getting discoloured.

Stone Benchtops & Splashbacks


Glass Splashbacks

For light cleaning, spray a non-abrasive cleaning product on the splashback and wipe it off with a clean, damp lint-free cloth. To remove stubborn grease or old stains, spray a small amount of cleaner on the cloth and gently rub it over the stain in circular movements. Leave it for a couple of minutes, then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Avoid steel wool, scourers, or any abrasive cloths.


Visit out appliance suppliers and search for your specific model for more information.



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