How-To Install Push Catches

Install your DIY kitchen like a professional today!

Push-catches are perfect to use if you’re going for a minimalist, handle-free look. They offer an easy way to open and close your cabinetry doors, and are extremely simple to install. U-Install-It uses Blum Tip-On push catches, which come with a lifetime warranty.

In your U-Install-It delivery you will receive a Blum Tip-On push catch packet, a screw on adapter plate and cover, and screws.

How-To Install Push Catches


Mark out the location of the push catch on your cabinet

For a double door cabinet, use a square ruler to mark the location (approximately 25mm from the centre of the doors). For a single door cabinet, this will be approximately 25mm from the inner edge of the cabinet, on the opposite side to the hinges.

Mark 20mm back from the front of the cabinet on the locations you have marked

This gives you the location of the front screw on the adapter plate



Using your markers, install the adapter plates using the supplied screws

The adapter plate has arrows, which point to the front of the cabinet

Click the adapter plate cover into place

Ensure the ridges at the back, and the logo at the front.

Slide the push catch mechanism in

Ensure you complete this on all adapter plates.

Place the metal magnetic pad against the push catch

Ensure to remove the tape revealing the sticky side facing out.

Close the door

The magnet will stick to the inside of your door, aligned with the push catch.
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Tools Required

  • Drill
  • Square Ruler
  • 25mm Screws
  • Pencil

Key Tips

  • Push catches are only suitable for doors between 300mm-600mm wide, and 300mm-2400mm high
  • For a base unit, install push catches at the top of the unit
  • For an upper unit, install push catches at the bottom unit
    If it is a rangehood cabinet, you may need to install them at the top