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Thinking of updating your existing cabinetry?

U-Install-It offer a fantastic, customisable solution for complete kitchen renovations, however if you’re just looking to do a simple ‘refresh’ you can use our panel products to give your cabinetry a facelift.

What’s involved?

To retrofit a kitchen, in short, you’ll need to replace all visible doors, panels and drawer-fronts as shown in red in the diagram.

Before you begin…

When planning a renovation there are many factors that may influence your finished result. Some customers feel that simply replacing your doors, drawer-fronts and panels is the perfect cost-effective solution, however there are some important things to consider.

Are your existing cabinets in good condition?

Often older kitchens will have been manufactured with inferior products such as chipboard or low-quality melamine that over time will have aged to the point that structurally it may not be possible to consider attaching new doors and drawers without facing problems.

Are you confident in boring for and installing hinge hardware?

As any new doors will need to fit to your existing carcase and hinge hardware, new doors are supplied as panels which you then bore and install the hinge hardware against.

Will removing the existing panels and benchtops require significant work and possible damage?

When removing existing panels and benchtops, you may encounter issues such as silicone joins or joins that have been “tiled” in. Despite your best intentions, the only way to remove these parts may result in irreparable damage to your existing cabinetry.

Have you considered the value in opting for new cabinetry?

In some cases the work involved in carefully removing existing panels, drawer-fronts and doors, in addition to calculating and working out each panel size, and then installing the new panels, including boring for hardware, can actually result in more time and effort than simply ordering brand new cabinets that include doors, drawer-fronts already fitted by professionals. We highly recommend doing some quick sums of both options before going too far and of course our staff can assist if needed.

Image displaying the components of kitchen cabinetry


  • Measure height and width of all existing doors, drawer, fronts and panels
  • Select a product range and colour
  • Head into your closest U-Install-It to get started with a Consultant

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