Beautiful kitchen doors & drawers

Looking to update your kitchen? Have you considered a brand new kitchen?

At U-Install-It Kitchens, we provide a complete customisable kitchen range. Our team can assist you design a kitchen that will not only work in your space, but also meet your budget! Our wide range of products can cater to your financial needs without sacrificing style. If you are considering our Retrofit option, talk to one of our kitchen consultants about the possibility of a brand new kitchen as an equally affordable option!

Need some help deciding? We can walk you through the process!

Cabinetry for the whole home

Whether you choose to create a new kitchen or explore our Retrofit options,your kitchen will become the best room in the house.

Want to replace your kitchen doors and drawers, rather than your whole kitchen?

U-Install-It Kitchens has always offered a fantastic, customisable solution for complete kitchen renovations but often your existing kitchen layout is exactly what you need. If you’re already satisfied with your existing kitchen layout and your cabinetry is in good condition you can take advantage of our custom sized door, panel and drawer-front manufacturing to give your kitchen the facelift it deserves.

Update your existing kitchen to the latest colours & finishes without starting from scratch!

What's involved?

Replacing your doors, drawer fronts and panels can be a relatively simple process. Here’s the basic outline of the steps required.

  • Measure your existing doors, drawer fronts and panels
  • Identify the hinging required on each door (ie left side, right side and number of hinges per door)
  • Choose a style, colour and door profile
  • Complete order form and place order
  • Remove your old doors, drawers and panels and fit your new ones!
  • …and of course, enjoy your updated kitchen!

Colour Range & Door Profiles

If you’re going down the ‘RETROFIT’ path, you can select from the full U-Install-It Kitchens colour range.

To help choose your door, drawer front and panel styles and finishes, head into one of our showrooms. Inside you’ll find samples of every colour, finish and profile on display that you can touch and feel.

There is an extensive range to choose from that is versatile and contemporary, including a great range of colours and door profiles.