How-To Remove & Insert Drawers

Install your DIY kitchen like a professional today!

Your U-Install-It cabinets arrive pre-assembled, with drawer runners installed. U-Install-It uses Blum Tip-On drawer hardware as a standard, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

If your U-Install-It project uses our alternative drawer runner system, DRG, please contact your consultant for details on removing and inserting drawers.

How-To Remove a Drawer


Fully extend the drawer


Raise slightly


Pull out horizontally, you will hear a 'click' as the drawer releases

How-To Insert The Drawer


Return runner extension to inside the cabinet


Place the drawer a small way into the cavity, with the runner mechanisms aligned


Gently close the drawer fully, you will hear a 'click' as the drawer connects


Open and close the drawer to check that it is running smoothly

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