How-To Install an End Panel

Install your DIY kitchen like a professional today!

End panels are used to provide a nice looking finish at the ends of your cabinets, as opposed to seeing plain whiteboard melamine.

You can order end panels in a matching finish to your doors for a great look, choosing either end-to-floor or standard ends. Below are two examples, with end panels shown in red.

Installing end panels comes towards the end of your kitchen installation and is quite simple.

Image showing the two types of end panels used for a DIY project

How-To Install an End Panel


Place the end panel in the desired position


Using a 3mm drill bit, drill 4x pilot holes through the side of the cabinet

One in each corner of the panel.

Using a 28mm screw, screw from the inside of the cabinet through to the end panel to secure in place

Ensure you use 28mm screws. A longer screw may pierce the visible side of the end panel.

Tools Required

  • Screws
  • Drill

Key Tips

  • End panels are installed after cabinets are joined and fixed to the wall.
  • The end panel should sit flush with the front of the doors, and are installed the same way for both base and upper cabinets.
  • Double check before you install that you have selected 28mm screws. With the overall width of your end panel and your cabinet, a 28mm screw will ensure that the exterior surface is not broken. A larger screw will pierce the visible side of the panel.

Additional Information