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8 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation doesn’t have to break the bank, if you know what to do and where to save.

Check out our top tips for saving on your next renovation!

1 ) Stick with your current kitchen layout

Unless there’s something non-functional in your current layout, leave it as is. Tradework can be one of the most expensive parts of a renovation, and by sticking with your current layout you limit the cost of tradework required to move plumbing, electrical, and large structural changes like removing walls or moving doorways.

2) Go DIY

By choosing a DIY solution like U-Install-It Kitchens, you save on the cost of design, check measure, rip-out, and installation. Whether you’re new to DIY or a DIY master, we’ve got the DIY tools to help you along the way, plus experienced staff ready to give great advice. And if you’re not confident in all areas, contract a tradesperson to help out.

3) Avoid the flat-pack – look for pre-assembled cabinetry

This saves you time and money! U-Install-It’s cabinets come pre-assembled, meaning there’s no flat-pack to construct, and you can get right to installing quality product. Plus – unlike most flat-packs, our pre-assembled cabinets are customisable, so you can get the right size to fit your space.

4) Choose a laminate benchtop

Gone are the days of laminate benchtops being a cheap looking substitute. Laminate benchtops now come in a great range of on trend colours, styles, and finishes – giving you a great look on a budget. As a plus, laminate benchtops can be DIY installed by you – saving you money on installation.

However, if you’re set on stone – opt for 20mm thickness. It’s the most cost efficient application, and it looks great!

5) Opt for a simple cabinetry finish, then add features

Cabinetry is one of the larger costs in a kitchen renovation, so it’s a great idea to keep this cost down as much as possible by selecting a simple cost-effective finish, like a cut-and-edge laminate. This creates a timeless and simple backdrop to then add cost-effective features to – introduce black or gold hardware, add detail and texture in contrasting upper cabinets, or introduce colour and pattern with a tiled splashback.

6) Be strategic in your design

Integrated appliances and multiple banks of drawers both look great and are ultra-functional, however both are more expensive than the classic cabinet with door and shelves. Take some time to consider how your new kitchen will function, and include what you need to for the end result you want, without going overboard.

7) Be selective with appliances

When renovating your kitchen, you have the option to purchase new appliances, or re-use your existing ones. Consider the state of your current appliances, and what it would take to replace them in the near future (tradework is usually involved) if they were to fail vs purchasing new to match with your new kitchen. U-Install-It offers a range of Oliveri sinks and taps and Haier and Fisher & Paykel appliances – ask a consultant about our current offers, and find out how much you could save by buying new now.

8) Resell what you can

Depending on the age and state of your current kitchen, you may be able to resell all of it, or parts, like sinks and taps or upper cabinets, to help your budget. This also helps the environment, by reusing what can be given another life.

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