DIY Kitchen Design

There are many design elements to consider that can make a kitchen great.

Work Areas

Before you commence designing it is important to know the three “zones” that you will need to incoporate.

1. Storage

Where you store your food eg pantry and fridge.
Needs to be easily accessible.
Bench space next to fridges and freezers is handy for unpacking and repacking

2. Washing Up

Your sink and wet area.
Ideally needs to be central to your design.
Close to fridge is advantageous for food preperation
Close to cooktop is advantageous for draining pasta, vegies etc

3. Cooking

Your cooktop and oven.
Ideally all hot areas are located together.
Aim to prevent having to cross the kitchen with hot pots and pans.
Advantageous to have both bench space and your sink not too far away.

Common Kitchen Layouts

When designing your kitchen, aim to maximize your efficiency in how you move around. Combining the layout of your room and your natural workflow, plan your kitchen to make your kife easier.
Below are five common “work triangles”.

Single Line Kitchen

Although not a triangle, the straight kitchen works best for small to medium sized homes with a narrow kitchen.

Click on the image to zoom kitchen layout.

Single Line Kitchen with Island

Island units are great for storage and socialising. They are ideal for when multiple people are cooking and allow generous amounts of workspace.

Click on the image to zoom kitchen layout.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This design works best when space is limited or if you are planning on including an island unit or a dining table.

Click on the image to zoom kitchen layout.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This kitchen layout has plenty of storage and is quite common in large rooms. This kitchen layout allows quick access to all work zones.

Click on the image to zoom kitchen layout.

Galley Kitchen

Provides two main work areas and ample bench space. Excellent amount of storage space and maximises the use of your room.

Click on the image to zoom kitchen layout.

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